Disrupting Education: The Collision of Emerging Technology, Education and Economy

March 12, 2012 in Discovery Fridays, Distance Learning, Inspire, Uncategorized

Photo credit: José Manuel Suárez

Distance learning, cloud computing, social networking, desktop virtualization, augmented reality, smartphones, tablets and the arrival of the post PC era… this all sounds a little scary, huh? Welcome to the world we live in. A world impossible to predict. A world characterized by disruptive technological, social and economic change. How do we prepare ourselves, our employees and children for the future?

The answer is…

This is part of a guest blogpost I recently wrote for a company specializing in personal branding and social media. To read the rest of this post please visit the Marketing Mel site:  http://www.marketingmel.com/2012/03/12/disrupting-education-the-collision-of-emerging-technology-education-and-economy/