Clean Up Your Bb Course List

  I don’t know about you but my Blackboard course list can get quickly out-of-control. Th

The Challenge of Creating Art

My radical thought of the day is: “We are all ARTISTS and our duty is to share our ART and to impr

Copying Course Content

This tutorial will walk you through the steps in order to copy content from one course to another OR


Go Direct!

February 14, 2012 in BB Tutorials, BB Tutorials, Distance Learning, Faculty, Student

Did you know that you can sign into Blackboard directly without going to the MyVCCS or MyWCC portal? Occasionally, we will experience temporary network or power outages that shutdown the WCC website or portal pages.

Access Bb directly by going to (I recommend bookmarking this address) and use your established username and password.

Image of Blackboard direct log-in page

Blackboard direct log-in page

Don’t let a little outage keep you from getting your work done!


Ken Fairbanks
Director of Distance & Distributed Learning
Wytheville Community College

Welcome to the New Distance Learning Blog!

February 10, 2012 in Distance Learning

Image of Ken Fairbanks, Ian Griffin and Shawn McReynolds

Putting our heads together! (Ken Fairbanks, Ian Griffin and Shawn McReynolds)

Welcome to WCC’s new Distance Learning blog! It is all shiny and new and quite frankly… I LOVE IT! I would like to recognize the talents of Ian Griffin and Shawn McReynolds, whose determined efforts turned this idea into a reality. Back in October, I approached Instructional Technologist, Ian Griffin with an idea to help me create a new blog/communication platform for reaching online students and faculty. Ian took charge of the project and after a lot of brainstorming… he started building this site… one pixel at a time. Then WCC’s IT Director, Shawn McReynolds stepped in to help create the server infrastructure needed to deliver this site to you.

This new web site will provide us with a communication channel that will compliment and support WCC’s Title III Grant projects. These projects center around faculty training, student support and delivery of multimedia.

What are the plans for the site? We want to create an ongoing conversation with you, distance learning students and faculty. We also want to help you master the technology that surrounds us and create a successful distance learning experience!

I invite you to click around the site, visit all the pages and kick the tires (just don’t scratch the paint!). You will find tutorials for faculty and students, articles about new technology tools and reviews of educational apps.

Feel free to leave comments, make suggestions and ask questions.

What you see today, is just the start of a greater tomorrow!

Ken Fairbanks
Director of Distance & Distributed Learning
Wytheville Community College

Hello world!

December 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!